So, you have a website and you called yourself AAA recruitment. Why aren’t you topping out on all of the Google searches?

The short answer is that unfortunately it really isn’t that simple. And the even shorter answer is SEO. More-so, the shorter answer is backed by a rather large explanation that I am still even now learning new ways to improve.

Simply put, there are over 200 ranking factors that Google and other search engine providers uses in order to position every site within a search. The trick is to best use this ranking system (or algorithm, if we’re gonna get technical) to your advantage in order to position your site higher in the search results, leading to increased web traffic, naturally leading to an increased volume of sales enquires.

SEO is affected by three main areas;

Site Structure.
How easy is it to navigate your site? Does it make sense and follow a user-friendly, commercially-orientated layout? The better the layout and configuration, the better your user-experience, the better your user-experience, the better the results of your website (aka. digital sales platform).  If you go onto a discount fashion website and first page was contact information, the second was the home page and last page was sales – the website wouldn’t make much sense. This is called hierarchy, and you may think that it all sounds rather simple, but all the major search engine providers rank all of these factors. So if you want your website to perform, it’s really important to get it right.

Site content.
This is one of the most critical elements to SEO. Your keyword strategy will help to rank your website in a higher position and in many cases will form the backbone of your ranking. The long and short of content, is to really live in the mind of your customer, and to ask yourself ‘what would a potential customer search for, in order to find my product, a product that they are in fact already looking for?’

Links to your website, from other websites. This is becoming ever more popular and effective, and the essence is piggy-backing on the popularity of other, likeminded and relevant pages, to integrate your offering/interest on their blog/site. This can be seamless when the products or websites are in fact relevant to each other, but can become less effective when they’re not. There are other links to associated businesses that may not have the same relevance or even manual links to forums and blogs (like this).

As you begin to understand the basic concepts of SEO, be mindful that the above elements are only a fraction of the overall picture. With something as vital as SEO, it’s often best to get the experts involved.