If you haven’t already heard, the future is digital. Said somebody very clever, 20 years ago. The facts are, the future is indeed digital, but the digital world is growing and evolving right now. It affects our lives in every way imaginable. From ordering groceries online to booking a holiday, the internet offers us convenience and accessibility that is unparalleled. For job seekers, the digital world of recruitment is paramount to the journey to the right job. The job seeker knows exactly what they want- free and time-saving access to a wider market and guidance from industry-leading experts. Digital marketing is all about being in the right place at the right time to make this digital journey seamless, easy and genuinely intuitive.

So, how do we know where to be and when? This is where digital marketing strategies unlock the potential of the recruitment journey from start to finish, ensuring that the right candidates land in the right place – your website. Every click, every scroll, every link matters and can be the difference between securing digital talent and losing a candidate back into the world wide web of opportunity. Here are some of the key factors digital marketing experts focus on to drive traffic and create opportunities for your website.

A mobile-friendly site

In short, the text is easily readable, links are easily clickable and navigation is intuitive allowing the job seeker to consume the content. Content loads quickly and follows to useful and helpful pages that bring the candidate back time and time again. A user-friendly website considers a concise layout that offers easy-to-see avenues to job search and job postings which in turn allows the reader to engage without distraction. Smartphones are constantly evolving and so should you.

Website analytics

Web analytics such as GoogleAnalytics provide data about the job seekers journey to your site, answering questions like where are the ‘hot spots’ for clicks, which pages are people landing on from search, and which parts of the site do users find most helpful? Understanding the start, middle and end; right up to the point of application encourages a data-driven environment to important changes on your site. This, in turn, improves traffic and reaps the best results.

Branding and USP

In the new age of Instagram, aesthetics are everything. A professional, creatively designed website will grab candidate’s attention, reassure them that your business is the reliable and secure meaning they are more likely to continue to browse. Branding is key to your business identity and digital marketers create a strong theme across a website that is always in line with your USP (unique selling point). This means emphasizing what you have to offer is genuinely engaging visuals that leave the candidate with a lasting positive impression.

By ensuring your site is easy to read and use, maximising your data analytics to make relevant changes, and ensuring a strong brand impression you are placing your business in front of the digital candidate from the get-go. Inform and engage your audience with these digital marketing strategies to ensure your website is in the right place at the right time, with the right tools to lead job seekers to their dream job.